Use of RVC funds

In the many years of running the event with your fantastic support we have generated a useful financial fund that is used to directly benefit riders that are either previous or current members of Kirklees Cycling Academy.


Funds have been used to support different needs at different times as each year brings new opportunities and new challenges depending on individual circumstances.


Since 2010 we have been able to invest in:

  • Helping riders have access to high quality cyclo cross bikes (for both primary or second bike needs at major events)
  • Helping riders access high quality racing bikes (again, to get them into cycle sport, or have spare bikes for major events)
  • Helping riders have access to high quality track bikes (these are specialist products and only used limited times in a year)
  • Providing financial support for riders such as travel and accommodation expense when travelling long distances to International and National events
  • Providing additional financial support for riders on the Dave Rayner Fund to be able to live and compete in France and Belgium
  • Racing clothing – Mainly the more expensive items such as skin suits
  • Specialist equipment such as time trial helmets and time trial bars
  • Professional coaching support for riders trying to secure places on Team GB and Pro-continental teams


Professional coaching support has been provided by Ex-National Champion Dean Downing based in Rotherham.

Just some of the riders who have progressed through the KCA since 2010 include:

Mason Hollyman
Now with Team Zappi, 20thplace overall in Under 23 Giro de Italia in 2019

Jordan Reed
Ex-Team KTM, Ex-Team Carbon Swift, moving to Team Zappi for 2020

Jamie Ridehalgh
Ex-Olympic Apprenticeship rider & previously Dave Rayner funded rider

James Bunting
Ex-Olympic Apprenticeship rider and now Team GB Track rider

Alex Ridehalgh
Ex-Olympic Apprenticeship rider, Ex-Dave Rayner funded rider and now with Crimson Performance racing

Harry Hardcastle
Ex-Olympic Apprenticeship rider. Ex-Dave Rayner funded rider. Now with Wheelbase Cabtech and competing at a high level in National events

Brad Dransfield
Ex-Olympic Apprenticship Rider. Brad is now turning his hand to music with his Moretti Band based in South Yorkshire. Look out for them on the music circuit and hopefully in the charts in the future

Alex Ridehalgh
Now competing with Paceline Cycles North, recently won Frank Morgan memorial

Joshua Greenwood
Ex-Olympic Apprenticeship Rider. Now competing with HMT Hospitals Giant Cycling Team and placing well in 2019 events at home and abroad

Tom Humphrey
Ex-Olympic Apprenticeship rider

Timothy Lane
Now competing with Team JRC

In addition to the riders above, we have got a healthy crop of talented young people in our club, representing both male and female cycle sport. We are delighted with their progress and will continue to support them as they too progress and take their dream and passion for cycle sport as far as their ability, health and determination will let them. None of this is possible without the RVC.



Good causes

So far, we have not had any real need to support wider good causes in cycling other than the riders in the KCA and those who have passed through the club.


However, a good friend of ours called Daz Speight, a local rider and member of 3RT was involved in a very serious accident near to his home on August 4th2019.


Co-founders of the RVC, Mick Collins and Daz Stringer (KCADAZ) are also members of 3RT and Mick is very close to Daz Speight.


Daz Speight himself is a great community man, he has turned himself inside out on different challenges and events raising money for good causes, including most recently, those affected by losing their homes.


A fund has been set up to support Daz and his family by 3RT and after discussion between the RVC committee and Mick Collins, we have decided to offer the Daz Speight fund our support as follows:


For 2020 and the next three years, we will donate either 25% of the funds generated by the RVC or £1000 (whichever is the higher) to the fund.


We trust you will recognise our reasons for this offer of support and hope you continue to support the RVC so we can help Daz Speight and his family at a most challenging time in their lives.


We would also like to make the following acknowledgements on behalf of Daz and his family:

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